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Seeing Beyond the First Impression


Blighted properties in our community contribute to neighborhood crime and the perception of our community as a place of negativity. Some see buildings with boarded windows and caving in roofs as only a liability. But what happens if we look a little deeper?

The good bones of these homes, and others like them in our community can be easily overlooked when we let the liabilities stand as the only part of the story. Although there is no doubt about the liabilities that exist, if we take the time to look deeper than the surface, we can see the assets they will one day offer a family. Each property we purchase goes through an evaluation to determine if the core of the home is healthy and able to be restored, and if it is cost effective to do so. When there is a strong foundation, we build from that.

Many houses in this community were built in the 50’s and 60’s. They frequently have lead based paints around the windows and door frames. We also find asbestos in the joint compound holding the drywall together. So, as a part of our process, a third-party evaluation is completed on the structure to determine whether abatement is required. These two homes are going through the abatement process now. Drywall, window frames, and door frames are being removed by professionals specializing in extracting the contaminants safely.

One day, these homes will welcome families. They will provide healthy, quality, affordable homes. As each is restored, the appearance of our community will better reflect the core assets that exist in our neighborhood. The healthy foundation that isn’t always observable at first glance. It takes a deeper look, a willingness to invest, and a determination to work together to get it done! It takes folks that see the liabilities, but are also willing to see more. “Metanoians” look deeper than the surface to find the strengths that exist and create opportunities for health around those strengths. This is #whatcommunitylookslike.



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