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Responding To Community Voices – ICT Facility

Those following Charleston-area media and/or Metanoia updates will have heard about the Intermodal Container Transit Facility (ICTF) being built by Palmetto Railways adjacent to the Chicora-Cherokee community on the now-defunct Naval Base. The arrival of the facility will bring the opportunity for local jobs and expanded commerce in South Carolina. However, the facility will inevitably bring with it detrimental effects for community residents living near the construction. Having heard feedback from community folks in part organized by Metanoia, Palmetto Railways has agreed to build an earthwork buffer extending from the edge of the completed facility to 100 feet into the neighborhood. The buffer will require the demolition of residences currently in the proposed buffer zone.

A standing room-only meeting at Gussie Green Community Center

A standing room-only meeting at Gussie Green Community Center

Earlier this month, Palmetto Railways began contacting those homeowners and renters that will be affected by the construction. They are offering relocation assistance to each affected resident on a per-case basis. Having established ourselves as leaders in quality affordable housing in our neighborhood, those residents affected began contacting our offices with questions and concerns about the process. Our founding principle was and has always been to be responsive to community voices, so we arranged a meeting on Monday, October 26 at the Gussie Green Community Center. In a standing room-only town-hall style meeting, we brought together community residents, longtime civil rights lawyers Jonathan Altman and Armand Derfner, executives from Palmetto Railways, and our own housing staff. This meeting was the beginning of a process. We will continue working with both community residents and Palmetto Railways until a solution that is fair and equitable to both parties is found.


If you have any questions or comments related to the ICTF project, please call 843-529-3014 or email bill [at] pushingforward.org or tonyjoyner [at] pushingforward.org.



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