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Metanoia Partners With Urban Electric Company To Bring Jobs To The Neighborhood

Metanoia has requested and received $800,000 in federal Office of Community Services funds to provide a loan to custom light manufacturing company The Urban Electric Company in North Charleston, SC. The project will create 52 permanent full-time jobs, 75% of which will be for low-income persons at a cost-per-job of $15,385.

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Bill’s Corner: The Paradox of Getting to Effective Outcomes in a Resource Starved Environment

If we are not managing to outcomes we are wasting our time and resources, but if our motivation is solely tied to successful outcomes we might not last long.

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Responding To Community Voices – ICT Facility

Read about Metanoia’s continuing efforts to respond to the concerns of neighborhood citizens regarding the building of an earthworks buffer in the neighborhood as part of the ICTF project.

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Mr. College Graduate

Don’t bet against Michael Mazyck. Odds are, Michael will beat the odds. Research suggests just north of 50% of African-American males in South Carolina graduate high school. Of those who graduate high school, the US Department of Education places graduation rates between 34-40% for African-American males attending college. On October 16, 2015, family, friends, and mentors gathered to watch a beaming Michael walk across a stage at Universal Technical Institute in Mooresville, NC to receive his diploma. In doing so, he defied probability to proudly become a first-generation college graduate.

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Jake’s Music Lives On Through Youth, Fred Hudson

If you’ve been to Jubilee or summer Freedom School, you’ve seen Fred Hudson’s musical contributions to the lives of our Metanoia students. We had a chance to sit down with him and hear about how he got involved with Metanoia and why teaching music to children is so important.

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Bill’s Corner: When Saying “No” Is Actually Saying “Yes”

It’s here: the September edition of Bill’s Corner! In this month’s edition, Bill reports on the decision to table the Fellows program. Sometimes having the strength to say “no” opens the avenue to the possibilities of saying “yes.” 

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Metanoia Partners with Jumpstart Ministry to Renovate Home for Clay Hampton

In March 2014, longtime community activist Clay Hampton lost his home and all of his possessions in a devastating fire.
Earlier this year, we partnered with JumpStart Ministry to renovate a new home on Ranger Drive for Mr. Hampton.
We invite you to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony for Mr. Hampton’s new home this Wednesday, 9/30, at 1:30 pm. Please help us welcome Mr. Hampton and celebrate the growth of yet another neighborhood asset!

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Metanoia Partners With North Charleston Police Department to Pilot Positive Ticketing

The North Charleston Police Department is partnering with local non-profit organization Metanoia to pilot a “Positive Ticketing” campaign in select North Charleston neighborhoods. It is inspired by a number of similar successful “Positive Ticketing” programs across the U.S. and Canada. The ultimate goal of the campaign will be to strengthen community-police partnerships and to encourage youth towards positive behavior. “Building relationships of trust with the youth we serve continues to be a priority.” says North Charleston Police Chief Eddie Driggers, “There are a lot of young people doing the right thing and positive ticketing is a way for us to say ‘thank you’.

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Lowcountry Giving Day – May 5th

Follow the link to amplify your gift to Metanoia on May 5th!


With Lowcountry Giving Day coming up on May 5th, you'll have the opportunity to amplify your investment in Metanoia!

With Lowcountry Giving Day coming up on May 5th, you’ll have the opportunity to amplify your investment in Metanoia!

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MYLA High School students WIN Spring 2015 SC Stock Market Game!

High-school students at Metanoia’s Youth Leadership Academy defeat 522 other South Carolina entrants to place 1-2 in the Spring 2015 Stock Market Game.

Four Metanoia teams placed in the top 10: 1, 2, 4, 7 

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