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Listening and Responding When You Cannot Do It All

To do effective work with the community we need to have the capacity (staffing, resources, expertise) to do that work. We also need the passion to keep going at it even when it is discouraging; and we must be responding to a real and identified community concern.

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Bill’s Corner: Pushing Into New Relationships With God And One Another

In this edition of Bill’s Corner, Bill discusses how and why relationships drive our work.  In the course of exploring these relationships, he defines the difference between transactional and relational community development.

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Reimagining Historic Chicora

We are excited to announce a partnership with the City of North Charleston and the Clemson Architecture Center in Charleston (CACC) aimed at preparing a series of design concepts for the adaptive reuse of the historic Chicora Elementary School.

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Bill’s Corner: 3 Ways Dr. King Has Influenced Metanoia

This Martin Luther King Jr. Day weekend, Bill reflected on the three major ways the life and work of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. has influenced Metanoia’s work. 

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