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Metanoia Days of Caring and What it Means

On Friday, November 17th and Saturday, November 18th, the Day of Caring was another day filled with a spirit of togetherness and community. Folks from Cummins, Ingevity, Omatic Software, Boeing, and the Air Force joined in with community members and staff to push up our sleeves and polish up the assets in Chicora and Accabee. Whether painting a house, pulling overgrown brush out of the ground, building planters, clearing out ceiling tiles in Old Chicora, or installing a railing on a porch, there was a spirit of togetherness and positivity that bubbled through the groups gathered. Not to be outdone, students from the Youth Leadership Academy created a spot to play “Four Square” and painted a mural in the green space behind the Academy.

Stepping back and admiring the handy work, we are grateful for the elbow grease and appreciate the results. However, what we are most thankful for is the kinship felt in our community this past week. As we step closer to spots that need attention and people that might be different, we grow more proximate to each other and begin to realize we all belong to each other. We create fertile ground for healthy community, closer relationships, and transformative change one new affordable home, one new planter, one cleaned up old school…one community mural, at a time.



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