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Job Announcement – VISTA for Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy

JOB ANNOUNCEMENTPosition: Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy – VISTA

Metanoia Community Development Corporation is a movement of people rooted in faith.
We invest in neighborhood assets to build leaders, establish quality housing and generate economic development. We are pushing forward into new relationships with God and one another to create strong communities.
Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy – VISTA
Metanoia is a holistic community development movement operating in the southern end of North Charleston. We engage in youth leadership development, housing development and economic development. All of our work contains three core values. We are . . .
• Community Driven: We believe that neighborhood citizens are the ones that have the greatest power to effect genuine transformation. For this reason our work is with community residents and not to or for them.
• Asset Based: In many ways, this is the most innovative thing about Metanoia’s approach. Metanoia seeks to discover community assets and lure investment to those assets to increase community capacity for change.
• Rooted in Faith: While Metanoia does not require any participant or staff member to align with a particular set of beliefs we do invite individuals to let their faith inform and inspire their work in our community.

The Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy MYLA:
The Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy was begun in the fall of 2014 to integrate all of the diverse and award winning programming that Metanoia was doing in youth leadership development. The MYLA builds leaders of character, excellence and presence. Our leadership pipeline identifies and invests in the assets of each leader from elementary to high school. We partner with parents, schools and the larger community to facilitate rigorous and holistic youth development. We are pushing forward to create life-long learners equipped to contribute and serve as community citizens.

Vista Assignment Description
1. Research and understand Metanoia’s existing youth programming and what documentation currently exists to support the programming.
• Develop a work plan and list of processes and procedures to review with staff and work to create manuals and documents that will be utilized across Youth program areas.
• Assist Curriculum Specialist with creating an educational manual.
2. Work in close collaboration with existing Metanoia staff to develop clear and understandable documentation around standard operating procedures across all program areas.
• Meet with existing staff to gather information
• Prepare documented standard operating procedure that can be vetted and approved by staff charged with executing programming.
• Research existing youth policies and modify them so they are conducive to Metanoia’s Youth Leadership culture.
3. Increase enrollment in our Youth programs.
• Assist Director of Operations and Coordinators with crafting new recruitment efforts.
• Develop marketing literature and materials that aid in the recruiting process.
• Attend recruitment events with Metanoia Youth Leadership staff to evaluate strategies.
4. Work closely with Metanoia staff to build on a developed business plan for an early childhood facility within the community that Metanoia serves.
• Work with a volunteer team of early childhood experts to prepare materials for a Request for Proposals from potential providers and work with this team to vet proposals provided.
• Provide research assistance to volunteer team of Early Childhood Experts to research best practices and develop curriculum and programming parameters for the new facility.
This position carries with it a $1200 monthly stipend and the potential for discounted lodgings within the community (subject to availability).

Application Process:
Interested applicants are encouraged to send their resumes and cover letter to the MYLA Director of Operations, Stacy Brown, for review. Please address any questions about the position to MYLA Director of Operations, Stacy Brown, 2005 Reynolds Ave., North Charleston, SC 29405, stacy@pushingforward.org 843-529-3014
If selected, there will be a need to then apply on the VISTA website for the National Corp. for Community Services and select us as their 1st choice site.



2005 Reynolds Avenue,
North Charleston, SC 29405
Phone (843) 529.3014
Fax (843) 529.3639

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