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Job Announcement – Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy – Elementary School Program Coordinator

JOB ANNOUNCEMENTPosition: Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy – Elementary School Program Coordinator

Metanoia Community Development Corporation is a movement of people rooted in faith.
We invest in neighborhood assets to build leaders, establish quality housing and generate economic development. We are pushing forward into new relationships with God and one another to create strong communities.
Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy – Elementary School Coordinator
Metanoia is a holistic community development movement operating in the southern end of North Charleston. We engage in youth leadership development, housing development and economic development. All of our work contains three core values. We are . . .
• Community Driven: We believe that neighborhood citizens are the ones that have the greatest power to effect genuine transformation. For this reason our work is with community residents and not to or for them.
• Asset Based: In many ways, this is the most innovative thing about Metanoia’s approach. Metanoia seeks to discover community assets and lure investment to those assets to increase community capacity for change.
• Rooted in Faith: While Metanoia does not require any participant or staff member to align with a particular set of beliefs we do invite individuals to let their faith inform and inspire their work in our community.

The Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy MYLA:
The Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy was begun in the fall of 2014 to integrate all of the diverse and award winning programming that Metanoia was doing in youth leadership development. The MYLA builds leaders of character, excellence and presence. Our leadership pipeline identifies and invests in the assets of each leader from elementary to high school. We partner with parents, schools and the larger community to facilitate rigorous and holistic youth development. We are pushing forward to create life-long learners equipped to contribute and serve as community citizens.

Position Summary:
The MYLA Elementary School Coordinator is responsible for overseeing a part time staff of college aged students to deliver daily high quality after-school and summer programming. Metanoia’s elementary after-school programming currently hosts 40 students from Chicora Elementary School (with the possibility of increasing enrollment in coming years). During the summer months, this position will be a Site Coordinator at Metanoia’s Children’s Defense Fund Freedom School overseeing the care of 100 students (see full position description on page two of this job announcement).
Application Process:
A first round of applications will be open from June 29 – July 14 at 5pm. Interested applicants must submit the following for consideration:
• A resume and cover letter.
• A one page essay answering the question “What attracts you to apply for the Elementary School Program Coordinator position at the Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy?”
• A one page essay answering the question “What skills and values do you possess that you think are critical to this position?”
Interested applicants are encouraged to send their essays, resume and cover letter to the MYLA Director of Operations, Stacy Brown, for review. After an initial review, a qualified field of potential applicants will be narrowed and interviewed by a selection team representing MYLA’s various constituencies. Interested applicants are encouraged to address any questions about the position to MYLA Director of Operations, Stacy Brown, 2005 Reynolds Ave., North Charleston, SC 29405, stacy@pushingforward.org 843-529-3014

Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy – Elementary School Program Coordinator Metanoia is a Faith Based Non-profit organization working alongside the Chicora Cherokee Community in North Charleston South Carolina to make our community a safer, stronger place for residents to live.

General qualifications required:
1. All staff shall be of good character and demonstrate a strong commitment to Metanoia’s core values of being Asset Driven, Community Based and rooted in faith.
2. All staff shall:
a. be physically and mentally capable to perform essential functions related to the job.
b. have a basic understanding of youth development.
c. be adaptive to a variety of situations.
d. be willing to grow in their knowledge of youth development.
e. Demonstrate willingness and increasing ability to use intentional, applied, and service learning practices in their own work and in support of volunteers to promote leadership development
3. Metanoia hires without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, or national origin.

Educational qualifications required:
A Degree from an accredited college or university required as is some experience in working professionally with youth.

Duties of the MYLA Elementary School Program Coordinator:
Lead a team of part-time MYLA Instructors to execute on daily after school programming that builds students’ capabilities in the leadership qualities of Character, Excellence and Presence. This includes assuring students are making grade level progress in their academics and that positive discipline and intentional teaching are being implemented.
Capably carry out the duties of a CDF Freedom School Site Coordinator during Metanoia’s Summer Freedom School. Supervising Servant Leader Interns and working closely with the Freedom School Program Coordinator (MYLA Dir. Of Operations) to effectively execute Metanoia’s Freedom School.
Motivate TEAM EXCELLENCE by ensuring that part-time MYLA Instructors have clarity on their job requirements along with the training and resources to accomplish those requirements. Ensure team members are well motivated to carry out Metanoia’s mission within their respective areas.
Maintain positive, open and COLLABORATIVE RELATIONSHIPS with parents, volunteers and school officials. This includes pro-active communication when possible and assuring a strong relationship with key partners that add significant value to the MYLA.
Work closely with the MYLA Dir. Of Operations and Dir. Of Educational Strategy to carry out an exciting and rigorous daily CURRICULUM that builds youth into leaders in a manner that is developmentally appropriate, research based and complimentary to what is occurring at the middle and high school levels. Assure that instructors understand the ‘why’ behind each activity being performed.
DUE DILLIGENCE: ensure that space is clean and that program materials (library, computers, games, etc.) are being neither neglected nor abused – assure that program is in compliance with relative regulatory and grant funding agencies.
Work closely with MYLA Executive Team, local schools and parents to assure that Metanoia is meeting its goals in the RECRUITMENT and RETENTION of students that demonstrate the capacity to be leaders of character, excellence and presence.
Ensure Metanoia staff is collecting and entering data into outcomes tracking software appropriately and then using reports to drive program improvements.
Performance expectations of a staff member:
The MYLA Elementary School Program Coordinator will work closely with the MYLA Executive Team (including Middle and High School Program Coordinators and MYLA Director of Operations and MYLA Dir. Of Ed. Strategy) to insure that the priorities established for the Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy are being properly executed. This position reports to the MYLA Director of Operations for direct supervision.
Salary and Benefits:
This position carries with it a $35,000 base salary (somewhat flexible depending on qualifications). Retirement benefits also included. Three Weeks Paid Time Off (includes vacation, sick and other).



2005 Reynolds Avenue,
North Charleston, SC 29405
Phone (843) 529.3014
Fax (843) 529.3639

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