Metanoia invests in neighborhood assets
to generate economic development.

As a part of our holistic community development effort, we understand that creating economic opportunities for community residents is essential.We have accomplished this goal in past years by funding a minority contractor training academy, operating a neighborhood farmer’s market and partnering with our local food bank to build a production kitchen for job training. Currently, we are focused on building two youth businesses, sponsoring a thriving community garden, and sparking the revitalization of the Reynolds Avenue corridor through the finished construction of the Youth Entrepreneurship & Volunteer center. The ultimate goal of our economic development projects is to create opportunities for local residents to build and sustain their income.
We recognize a healthy community is one where individuals have genuine opportunities for earned income. That income must also remain in our community through additional opportunities for local spending that create economic opportunities for others.

2005 Reynolds Avenue
North Charleston, SC 29405
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