Owner Occupied Repair Program

For most people, a home is a leading family asset. But for many elderly, sick or low-income working community members in our region, their homes become unsafe liabilities- possibly through water damage, bad insulation, wiring problems, or a multitude of other expensive-to-fix home problems. As we worked to bring in new homeowners to our community, we heard from the community that there were already many existing stable homeowners living on fixed incomes that were in need of home repairs. In 2007, we began drawing grants from the South Carolina Housing Finance and Development Authority to begin repairing homes for homeowners that were at or below 50% of the area median income. In 2012, the City of North Charleston recognized the progress we had made in this area and made us stewards of the City’s Owner Occupied Repair program.

  • In order to qualify for the Owner Occupied Repair program, you must own your own home. Please call our offices at 843.529.3014 for more information.

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