Financial Literacy Classes

One of the ways we invest in the people of our neighborhoods is to provide personal financial training and counseling. Although we don’t require it in exchange for our services, we encourage individuals who are working to become financially stable to pursue homeownership. Increasing the number of financially stable families and individuals in stable living situations is a key building block of the revitalization towards which we are working. We currently offer a free 8-week, intensive Financial Literacy and Homebuyers’ Education class and also provide opportunities to meet one-on-one with a certified financial literacy counselor.

  • Class attendees will have the chance to sign up for Benefit Bank, hear and speak to area financial professionals, have their progress tracked up to one year after the class and sign up for an Individual Development Account (IDAs create opportunities for very low income individuals (up to 200% of the Federal poverty limit) to open a no-fee savings account at a local bank. For every dollar they save up to $1,000, they can receive a 3 to 1 match if they spend the savings on education, homeownership or starting a small business.)
  • Individuals completing the course are eligible to participate in Metanoia’s down payment assistance program.
  • Classes are small, allowing for individuals to receive instruction personally tailored to their instance.

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