We work to establish quality, affordable housing for home buyers, renters and those
who seek help in budgeting and increasing their credit scores through financial literacy.

In 2005, two young siblings started coming to our youth leadership program. Staff noticed that the children often had an unpleasant odor; it was thought to be a bedwetting issue. We eventually learned that their family of four had a plumbing problem below the house – an 800-square-foot house that they were paying $500 a month to live in. Their landlord refused to pay for repairs, which essentially meant the family was living on top of a pool of raw sewage. Guided by strong voices from within the community to address housing problems, we soon decided that our current efforts in youth leadership were not sustainable if neighborhood families were not able to find quality, affordable housing options. This led to the addition of a quality affordable housing element to our work in 2005.
Through a combination of investing in existing neighborhood assets, advocacy and education, we have been able to see steady and positive change in our community.

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North Charleston, SC 29405
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