Community Organizing

As a key piece of our community based value, Metanoia seeks to organize our neighborhood and advocate around issues that matter to our citizens.  This is just another example of how we listen to our neighbors and let them drive our process.  Since our inception, Metanoia has engaged in a number of grassroots advocacy efforts that organize our neighborhood for positive change.  While some non-profits do community engagement (basically a representative that explains what has already been decided by the organization to the community and tries to solicit their support), we organize our neighborhood around key issues that the neighborhood thinks are important.  For example, we are now engaged in a process of organizing our community to advocate for justice and equity around a new rail facility that is to be build adjacent to our neighborhood.   Over the years we have organized our neighborhood for several successful outcomes that benefit the community.

•         We organized our neighbors to advocate for a new Chicora Elementary School to be built in our neighborhood.  The new school is now under construction and scheduled to be complete by December 2015.
•         We were led by children in our Children’s Defense Fund Summer Freedom School to advocate for a lowering of speed limits, increased stop signs and more warning lights in our neighborhood warning motorists of school children traveling to and from school.
•         We led a campaign to have our neighborhood rezoned to be more hospitable to single family homeowners and safe for all residents.
•         We have organized neighborhood youth for anti-violence rallies and marches after neighborhood shootings.

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