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housesStudy after study has shown that homeownership is a key to increasing overall community stability. And it starts with just one homeowner. Think about it: A family purchases a quality home on a distressed block. Besides starting to generate personal wealth by becoming a homeowner, that family now has an investment to protect. Instead of running away at the first sight of trouble, that family begins calling the police, getting to know community-oriented neighbors and not relying on landlords to find solutions to neighborhood problems. Soon crime begins to reduce and gradually other stable families are willing to live on the block, stabilizing the entire community. Over the last eight years, we have witnessed this exact scenario as we continue to invest in dedicated, motivated community homeowners that are changing their neighborhoods from within.

  • Since 2005 Metanoia has renovated or built new 15 units for homeownership.
  • On Ubank Street in North Charleston, where we developed 3 homes for new homeowners, the North Charleston Police Department reported a 64% drop in violent crime from the year before.
  • In 2006, Metanoia led a successful effort to have individual homes in the Chicora-Cherokee neighborhood rezoned from ‘multi-family residential’ to more homeowner-friendly ‘single-family residential’
  • Based on a 2010 study, new Metanoia homeowners and their households contributed $1.5 million to the local economy over a (projected) 10-year period.
  • Metanoia favors the use of local North Charleston contractors to complete housing work.



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