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Good Ground

“Good leaders must first become good servants.”Robert Greenleaf

On a chilly night near the end of March youth leaders from our Young Gentleman’s Club rolled up their sleeves and grabbed some shovels to create good ground for a new home in our neighborhood. First the soil was prepared so that the plants would thrive. Next, landscaping fabric was laid in the gardens to deter the spread of weed; a liability to a plant’s health. Then sod was spread, holes were dug, and trees and bushes were planted to make a beautiful green space for the future neighbors that will soon call Redwood Street home. This is where our programs meet and blend together; a service project completed by our youth leaders for a home in our quality, affordable housing program. Collaboration is where the best work gets done!

There are many analogies for the work that was done on this evening by these young men. The Young Gentleman’s Club was started last year to help these very same students realize their potential, embrace their assets, and make the most of their opportunities. To prepare the ground, strategize against liabilities, and help them embrace healthy opportunities. As they looked over their hard work, each of the students felt the reward from the beautiful space they created for others. This is the hope we have for our community. An ability to blend, to work together toward common goals and dreams, and to serve one another to achieve community. This is good ground for community. This is #whatcommunitylookslike.



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