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Bid Packet – Chicora Renewal – 4 Single Family Homes

Franklin I – Front Elevation Rendering

Noble – Front Elevation Rendering










Bid-Chicora Renewal – 4 Single Family Homes
North Charleston, SC

Metanoia CDC is a 501-(c)(3) non-profit, affordable housing developer working in North Charleston and Charleston County.  Metanoia works with the residents of communities that have experienced decline due to lack of investment and capital flight. Our mission is to attract investment to the quiet assets that already exist within these neighborhoods. As this innovative and award-winning approach builds neighborhood assets, whether human or physical, our community gains the capacity to solve its problems from within and is less dependent on outsiders doing it for them. Metanoia is a movement of people rooted in faith. We invest in neighborhood assets to build leadersestablish quality housing and generate economic development.

Through this reference packet, Metanoia seeks to select a high-quality, experienced general contractor who is interested in providing their services in the construction of four new residential homes.

Please make sure you review and agree to all of documents prior to placing your bid.

Itemized Bids are due on February 4th, 2019 at 4pm, mailed or delivered to Metanoia CDC office: 2005 Reynolds Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29405.  Bids must be itemized and broken down per house.  Questions may be directed to Director of Physical Assets, Duncan Cheney, duncan@pushingforward.org .

In order to find the most responsive and responsible bidder, the winning bid will be selected through an evaluation process that may take up to 3 weeks. Winning bidder will be notified and the winning bid will be available upon request.


Bid Instructions 

Bidder Reference Packet



1905 Grayson Plans

1907 Grayson Plans

1908 Leland Plans

3309 Proctor Plans

Spec Book

Site and Landscape Plans

Additional Property Details

Soil Report – 3309 Proctor Street

Soil Report – 1908 Leland Street

Soil Report – 1905 Grayson Street

Soil Report – 1907 Grayson Street 

Mechanical Report – Noble Design

Mechanical Report – Franklin Design

Property Site Pictures: 

1908 Leland

3309 Proctor

1905 Grayson

1907 Grayson

Winning Bidder will also need to complete the following forms per State Housing requirements. Not required for bid package.  FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
M-55 HOME Contract Provisions
M-9 Debarment
M-56 SC Illegal Reform Act
M-58 Conflict of Interest
M-59 Byrd Anti-Lobbying
M-11C Section 3
M-11D Guidance for Contractors
M-11E Certification of Section 3 Business




2005 Reynolds Avenue,
North Charleston, SC 29405
Phone (843) 529.3014
Fax (843) 529.3639

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