Working WITH our neighbors

Metanoia Staff

Metanoia has a full and permanent part-time staff of twelve. Of these, eight live in our neighborhood. By choosing to live here staff are closer to the families in the community. And in turn we are better able to create the programs that citizens living in our community have true voice designing and helping to succeed. Our staff further reflects a sense of commitment to Metanoia’s Mission as over half the staff have worked here for more than 5 years.



Bill Stanfield – CEO – bill@pushingforward.org

Patricia Brown – Administrative Assistant – admin@pushingforward.org

Stacy Brown – Director of Operations, Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy – stacy@pushingforward.org

Brady Cobb – Grants & Fundraising Coordinator Americorps VISTA* – brady@pushingforward.org

Jacques Johnson – Middle School Coordinator, Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy – jacques@pushingforward.org

Tony Joyner – Director of Housing Development – tonyjoyner@pushingforward.org

Barbara Kingsbury – Director of Resource Development – barbara@pushingforward.org

Craig Logan – High School Coordinator, Metanoia Youth Leadership Academy – craig@pushingforward.org 

Lorcan Miller – Director of Marketing and Donor Relations – lorcan@pushingforward.org

Cam Scott – Performance Analyst- cam@pushingforward.org

Tara Veronee – Controller – tara@pushingforward.org



Metanoia Board

Because Metanoia has a core belief that people who live in a community are the true experts on their neighborhood, our Board of Directors is made up of a majority of community residents.  This means that we come up with solutions for our community that address areas to focus on, have buy in from our citizens, and that capitalize on the assets of the community.

Board of Directors

Michael Brown 
Erica Fludd
Blake Hart
Rashawnna Hawkins
Belinda Holloway
Burnet Jacques
Penny Middleton 
Aisha Singletary
Ayesha Washington
Suzanne Morse, honorary member

Metanoia Advocates

Metanoia’s Advocates are a dedicated group of supporters who work to ensure the success of our movement. The Advocates also help in building relationships beyond our neighborhood that generate different areas of support: donations, volunteers, prayers.  The Advocates are chaired by a Council of Advocates that sets a strategic direction for the larger group and sets annual fundraising goals. Advoates receive the same high level briefings as our Board of Directors enjoy the relationships that are built through various Advocate events and meetings. 


Cindy Cartmell
Greg Garvan
Sam Hayes
Cyndy Keyes
Marty Klaper
Charles Larsen
Carole Mauldin
Connor McIntyre
Matthew Pardieck
Wayne & Cheryl Patterson
Eric Porterfield
Terry & Tammy Thompson

2005 Reynolds Avenue,
North Charleston, SC 29405
Phone (843) 529.3014
Fax (843) 529.3639