Metanoia is a Greek word frequently used in the New Testament. Jesus uses the verbal equivalent of this noun (Mark 1:14) as the first response to his announcement of the kingdom of God. It is frequently translated “repent” in our English Bibles, but “metanoia,” as Jesus uses it, has deep meaning beyond what we usually think of when we think of repentance. 

Metanoia is about making a positive change in our lives and in our society. Metanoia wrongly understood is a guilt-ridden awareness of all that is going wrong in our lives and society. Metanoia properly understood is a push forward toward something better for us and for our world. It is a positive change that brings us closer to what God intends for his creation. Break down the word and we see the first syllable “meta” in Greek literally means “with” and “noia” means understanding. Metanoia is not change simple for the sake of change it is positive change with deep understanding of the implications. 

Metanoia Community Development Corporation is an attempt to embody the priorities of God’s Kingdom in our world. In the beginning of his preaching ministry, Jesus names metanoia (making positive change) as the first step toward the Kingdom of God. 

We seek to recognize Jesus’ call for all of us to engage in metanoia - seeking the Kingdom of God through promoting positive change in ourselves, in our neighborhood and in our society.

We look to foster metanoia within ourselves. We are asking each another to turn from former habits that were destructive toward actions that mold us into the fullness of who God has created us to be. And we recognize this kind of change needs to begin with each of us as individuals.

We are looking for metanoia in our neighborhood. We recognize a variety of forces – some within our control, others outside our control – have left our neighborhood without many of the resources that can make it a safe and affordable place to live. As neighbors of faith, we are pushing together to strengthen our community and make it more like the kind of neighborhood God intends.

We are pushing for metanoia within our society. We recognize that God calls everyone to make the changes that will move us toward Kingdom priorities. That means calling for change within our neighborhood and outside of it as well. We are pushing for positive changes that make a more just society for all citizens regardless of race, economic status or sex. This means calling for metanoia in the halls of our business, government, educational and church institutions.