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Metanoia is hiring a Chief Operations Officer



Metanoia Community Development Corporation
…is a movement of people rooted in faith.
We invest in neighborhood assets to build leaders, establish quality housing and generate economic development. We are pushing forward into new relationships with God and one another to create strong communities.

Metanoia Community Development Corporation is a holistic community development organization working to discover and grow the human and physical assets of communities often stereotyped as purely deficient. Our work increases the capacity of neighborhoods to help themselves by growing the assets within those communities. Metanoia is enjoying rapid growth and increasing numbers of opportunities, thus precipitating the need for this position which is the first of its kind within our management structure.
Three key values flow through all of our initiatives.
We are. . .
• Community Based: We seek the input and involvement of community members, acknowledging that they are the true experts on how to address issues within their own neighborhoods. Metanoia will not pursue initiatives without community support and cooperation with the citizens of the communities we serve is essential to our success.
• Asset Driven: Metanoia recognizes that all communities have both deficits and gifts. We believe that the best way to strengthen a community is to invest in neighborhood gifts and not focus on neighborhood deficits. We seek to build an organizational culture that sees our community as a “glass half full” rather than half empty.
• Rooted in Faith: Metanoia’s definition of faith is “believing in spite of the circumstances and watching the circumstances change.” This approach to community development can be embraced by people of different religious traditions. While Metanoia does not require any profession of faith from those participating in our work (staff or residents), many in our movement are motivated by faith.

Chief Operations Officer

Position Summary: The Chief Operations Officer position will be responsible for the daily operation of Metanoia’s work in a manner that strives for organizational excellence and continuous improvement. The COO will be working to improve outcomes for teams of staff across multiple program areas. Therefore, Metanoia seeks a highly motivated and effective coach that is capable and committed to helping people who work in diverse areas of focus (youth leadership, housing, etc.) perform to measurable outcomes. The COO must be effective and efficient in the collection of data and the utilization of data to drive continuous organizational improvement. The COO will work very closely with Metanoia’s CEO in a spirit of trust, candor and mutual respect to ensure the growth of the Metanoia movement.

Core Competencies required:
• Strong character and a deep commitment to personal and professional growth.
• A willingness to work alongside an entrepreneurial and agile organization where staff are willing to make sacrifices to move the mission forward.
• The creativity and drive to provide innovation and direction that remain consistent with Metanoia’s core values of being asset driven, community based and rooted in faith.
• Strong organizational and personal time management skills with exceptional attention to detail.
• High Emotional Intelligence and capacity to work cross culturally. The COO will work with diverse individuals with varied skill sets and backgrounds that operate in very different fields
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Experience coaching colleagues to higher performance based on measurable outcomes defined in cooperation with these colleagues.
• Experience defining and measuring data driven outcomes in a collaborative, team oriented environment. And experience utilizing data and measurable outcomes to drive organizational excellence and continuous improvement.

Duties of the Chief Operations Officer (COO):
Summary: The Position will be responsible for providing operational leadership that:
• Exhibits Disciplined People Focused Management: Partner with staff to develop individual performance objectives that support the mission of Metanoia. Utilize both qualitative and quantitative data to inform operational, programmatic and strategic discussions. Provide continuous feedback to team members that helps them achieve higher performance in a supportive and encouraging environment.
• Ensures Well Designed and Well Implemented Projects & Programs: Work with colleagues to design opportunities for our community’s citizens with careful attention to the larger ecosystem in which they operate. Work to assure that all programs and projects are implemented with consistently high-quality. Facilitate the collection and use of data as part and parcel of implementing high quality projects and programs. Recruit, retain, motivate key staff while listening and learning from the community Metanoia serves. Facilitate the development of Standard Operating Procedures that increase the fidelity and consistency of Metanoia programming and projects.
• Guides Internal Monitoring for Continuous Improvement: Establish and maintain clear metrics rightly aligned with the results Metanoia wants to achieve. Use data reporting to chart course correction and make operational and programmatic improvements on an ongoing basis. Ensure that data is collected accurately and efficiently and utilized in decision making processes and efforts at continuous improvement.
• Executes on Due Diligence: Work vigorously to ensure that Metanoia’s daily operations are defined by organizational excellence measured against verifiable outcomes, proper fiscal management and attention to achieving the outcomes expected by our community, funders and other constituencies.

Educational and work qualifications required:
A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university required. Masters Degree preferred. At least ten-years experience in a relevant field of work to this role.

Reports to: Metanoia CEO

Metanoia will hire for this position without regard to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or national origin.



Application Process:

A first round of applications will be open from November 27, 2017 to January 10, 2017 at 5pm. Interested applicants must submit the following in one PDF document for consideration:

• A cover letter and resume.

• Three Essays, no more than 1 page each that answer each of the following questions:

1. What attracts you to apply for the Chief Operating Officer position at Metanoia?

2. What skills and values do you possess that you think are critical to this position?

3. The COO position is a new position to Metanoia. What tactics will you utilize in the first year to ensure the success of this position?

After an initial review, a qualified field of potential applicants will be narrowed and interviewed by a selection team representing Metanoia’s various constituencies. Interested applicants are encouraged to address any questions about the position to Metanoia CEO, Bill Stanfield, 2005 Reynolds Ave., North Charleston, SC 29405, bill@pushingforward.org, 843-529-3014.


A compensation package will be available to review prior to final interviews for the right candidate.




2005 Reynolds Avenue,
North Charleston, SC 29405
Phone (843) 529.3014
Fax (843) 529.3639

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